6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Carol,

    I so look forward to seeing you and hearing you speak Sunday, 3/16 at The Center for Spiritual Living, 2 SW 12th Ave., Boca Raton. The premiere of the Fundraiser for The NFP Boca Raton Walk on Water (www.awalkonwater.com) “My Author Is My Hero Day”, includes at no extra charge, a special screening of the Golden Globe Winner Claire Daines in, ‘Temple Grandin’; about an austistic heroine on the Time list of 100 all-time Heroes, Whatta great choice of Authors and Movie for having such a fun-day this coming Sunday.! I can’t believe it’s ONLY a $5.00 Donation at the door.

  2. Hi:) may I make a suggestion? I personally would like reading ppls comments to you from most recent first to last.. in that order.. just an idea.. would make your site seem up-to-date and vital from first glance 🏆

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