A Divided Duty

A Divided Duty, is available in all twelve branches of the Palm Beach County Library System and at the Delray Beach Public Library.

Set in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, a modern day classic pits brothers Otto and Ivan Blackmoor against each other in a tale of business, love, jealousy, and revenge. When family matters of loyalty and betrayal escalate, secretive plots are exposed and misunderstandings run rampant until a vigilante-style justice is finally served.

Endorsed by Mike Vogel, Newsday and author Benjamin Laskin

A Divided Duty, Carol’s fourth novel, was one of three winners in the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Summer 2017 in the category of Fiction.

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Carol’s novel, A Divided Duty, was listed in the “Must Read” column of the November/December Southern Writers Magazine.