Coffee Breaks: Short Stories

Coffee Breaks, Carol’s latest book, is a compilation of inspirational short stories. It was an award-winning finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards, and received a five star review from Readers Favorite (contest results to be announced.) Here is an excerpt from the review:

“…Love and loss, redemption, doing what’s right, just deserts, and finding what you need when you least expect it are some of the themes of the 14 short stories in Coffee Breaks by Carol White. Everyday characters have everyday problems and concerns and White provides each with a fitting ending that leaves you happy, feeling that there is ‘good’ in the world. In many of the stories, the lesson seems to be that when one door closes, another opens and the characters are led to find happiness by a guiding hand. Coffee Breaks is a delightful collection of stories that are great to read straight through or to savor, one at a time, like indulgent chocolates. The kernel of a moral lesson resonates with you even after you have put the book down so that the stories do more than entertain – they provide food for thought. Carol White unashamedly lets the ‘good guys’ win and puts the ‘bad guys’ in their place, but it’s nice to feel that a kind of justice exists in the world…the characters are unique and represent a wide range of ages and interests. Young people starting off in life and older people adjusting to changing circumstances and challenges are portrayed realistically, behaving naturally based on their surroundings and situations. For a chance to feel good and enjoy some light reading to put you in a good mood, Coffee Breaks is the perfect choice. Great stories! I loved the positive feeling from each one. Carol White will help you get on with your day, just like a well-deserved coffee break…” 5* review from Melinda Hill, Readers Favorite

Coffee Breaks is available from Amazon

At the 2017 National League of American Pen Women Florida State Biennial competition, Carol’s book Coffee Breaks won third place in the category of Adult Fiction, and her play, The Last Day Here won first place.